The Light Cafe

Ever heard of the Light Cafe? It’s filled with minimalist decors but also offers you very serious eats. It’s hidden beside the Arctic Bites on Baldwin street, which many of you might have walked pass by without noticing.



The cafe is supposedly be Taiwanese-inspired, but it has a little bit of French twist. Since both of us were a little hungry, we each ordered a lobster sandwich and a smoked salmon salad with Yuzu dressing. They both tasted unexpectedly delicious.



Desserts from the table beside looked delicious, but it was a better idea to save the appetite a little, to prevent my stomach to continue blowing from all the intense ice-cream eating routine.

The coffees were unique and had beautiful presentation, which gives you another reason to come back again in the future for some good Instagram photos. Violet ordered a Cotton Candy Coffee, and Light Cafe Special for myself.


What is the cotton candy for, you ask? You can either eat it as a regular cotton candy, but your coffee will taste better if you leave the cotton candy in the cup and pour the warm coffee in. They both came with compliments of biscuits.



It does get busy after 3pm (not to mention we stayed there for about 2.5 hours), so I definitely recommend to come around noon. Otherwise, there’s less chance of getting the seats beside the plant wall!

Have a great week everyone ♥



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