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Here you go my first outfit post in 2 months. Sorry for the delay, because I focused too much on coffee and brunch in the past weeks which was easy to record. The month of July is like a new adventure to me, as I had my first business trip to Shenzhen (a city near Hong Kong) for a private dinner to represent the brand that I am working for. Getting familiar with this company allows me to apply multi-tasking skills in this position. Even though my tasks doubled than the beginning, so far everything is still under control. Juggling from my day job to finishing my duties and trying out new places to run this blog. It is definitely stressful to compete with time.Proud of myself managing to publish this on time, I feel much more accomplishments than I was in school.


Taobao, one attractive reason for getting back to China. Similar to EBay, but with more features such as grocery store within 24 hours delivery, online stores for well-known brands, a platform for local designers to sell their works as well. To conclude Taobao in one sentence: there is nothing you cannot buy from it! Of course, I will take this advantage while I am in China, say NO to long waiting period and huge amount of shipping fee. From my previous experience, it’s unbelievable  to say that 99.99% of the time, the shipping costs (to overseas/Canada) more than the certain products.


Green & Red


Strawberry Tart

Thus, I’d like to share some items I bought from Taobao with you. I may do a Taobao Haul later if you guys are interested in this topic. In today’s look, my shoes, dress and necklace are all from Taobao. The material of this dress is linen, which gives an effortless look. Red can brighten skin tone, especially this wine color is very elegant. Simple cutting, with a split on the right side adds some fun to the dress. I matched it with creamy granny style heels because they are both minimalist style. What surprised me the most is the high quality of the shoes. Super soft,  at only $30, this well-made pair is a steal!



Last but not least, my Gucci bag is my birthday gift (My mom is da best!!!) I never thought I’d buy from Gucci because I was not a fan in its previous collections at all. However, Gucci changed, and it’s a huge turning point for the brand, meeting the new creative director- Alessandra Michele. He is an artist. I fell in love with Gucci, especially the Dionysus series. New collections are gorgeous. They paid more attention to the design, and added a great number of feminine elements. Rather than their traditional way, a full logo bag, Dionysus series only put symbolic tiger head on the bag and left the bag ‘free’. I chose this black suede bag because it can be worn in formal occasions but still be stylish for casual looks. However, I noticed that I have so many black bags… Hmm I guess it’s the time for a change! The size is perfect to put my wallet, phone, plus it even made areas for cards. The sliding chain strap can be worn multiple ways, changing between a shoulder and a top handle bag. You can pull the chain to the longest length to make it a cross-body bag, or do it like the way I did as a shoulder bag, and even hide the chain into the bag and wear it as a clutch bag.


Play with it, and love it!



→ What I’m wearing ←

Dress: Taobao

Bag: Gucci

Necklace: Taobao

Heels: Taobao

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