My Pink Obsession


First, let’s quickly start off with an announcement. Rhapsody Monday will be posting twice a month instead of every week from now on! As many of you may know already, Yico and I are living very far apart from each other (she’s on the other side of earth!), and both carrying different lifestyles and routines. It has become difficult to upload new contents that meets our expectations every week, and for that reason, twice a month seemed reasonable for us to manage. But this also means we each will have more time to devote into one post with better contents. Hooray!


Pink has always been my favourite color, and for some of you who know me, my wallet is pink, school binder is pink, and my 3DS is also pink… I happened to stumble upon at this pink wall located on King St. E in Toronto on Internet, and couldn’t help but decide to come here for a photoshoot.


This flower printed dress is an item I bought in Gap Kids. Their size ranges from XS to XXL and XL fits perfect for me. Many items in Gap Kids can be fit as an adult size, and unless you don’t tell your friend where you got it from, nobody can guess they are designed for kids. Plus, most of the times, they’re much cheaper than the adult clothing! Although, I gotta admit, it was pretty embarrassing to ask to try them on while you’re surrounded by kids and parents.


It’s pretty tough to find a bright and cheery place to do a photoshoot in a city with so much marble, concrete and grey. If you find any pastel photo walls around the city, let us know!



→ What I’m wearing ←

Dress: Gap Kids (ASOS Similar)

String Choker:

Shoes: R.E.A.L Shoes from Value Village (ASOS Similar)

Screenshot 2016-09-05 19.53.42IMGP851922Screenshot 2016-09-05 20.00.14

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