Humans of New York

Hello lovelies, this week is a throw back series to my last trip at New York City. It was my third time visiting there, the main difference was that I slowed down to observe things, and had some special feelings rather than being a busy tourist who only focuses on sightseeing. So, I had A LOT to share with you from my perspectives of NYC!



I saw love at Top of the Rock from two couples in different ages. Especially this gentleman was trying to use his phone camera to capture his wife in the spotlight. Obviously, it’s difficult for him as the flash was too quick so he was unable to catch it, but he kept shooting only because he wants his wife to be happy.


I saw this near Brooklyn Bridge, and it made my day. A huge family: one man and seven dogs…Life Goal


I saw myself: hanging out (brunch) with friends, taking countless pictures, editing and posting them on social medias… Recently I started to wonder the purpose of doing so, why do I even care about others, and how much efforts those bloggers put in in order to run their platforms. Sometimes, I get really tired of putting all my effort into these, but the blog is still a great way to express myself, and am still searching for a way to make our site even a better one. People always change, you never know.


I saw the power of the time. I took this at Chinatown, and I first wanted to capture the background when people were passing by. However, it turned out to be one of my favourite shots because it reflects two generations. We only live once, we all will be old, so be free and be wild to enjoy our life.


I saw friendship. I was buying a ferry ticket and saw these 5 grannies eating their ice cream in a windy night. When the ferry was coming, one of them even said to the rest, “attention, ladies!” I mean, how cute are they? I am gonna be a cool lady/kid and still eat ice cream no matter what, even when I get older.


I saw responsibility. Even though it was cold, I can sit inside to have the view from the Empire States Building, but he had to stand outside since it’s his job. If he does not follow, he’s gonna lose it. I even saw there was a person worked in the elevator at a big metro station. He only had a small fan with him, and the only thing he needed to do was to press number for others; he only got the chance to have fresh air when the door was open for maybe 3 seconds and closed, he had to repeat the same steps everyday. I felt really bad and was so surprised when I saw this. NYC is a dream place for everyone, but there are thousands of people working/fighting really hard to stay there. We have to respect them!




The people in these pictures are all strangers, and they are the Humans of New York. Hope you enjoyed this post, and hopefully I’ll get more chances to record and share my thoughts and feelings in the future.



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  1. Meimei
    May 17, 2016 / 12:18 AM

    How come I didn’t know you took so many good photos in NYC!? Hahahaha, I remember the one with five grannies though, that’s too cute to forget 😉
    This blog is so cool, Keep up the good work!!!

    • Rhapsodym
      May 17, 2016 / 11:38 AM

      Aww,thank you Meimei!
      You are the best travel partner, and we need to go more places together soon <333

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