Gleaming Elements

Hello lovelies! In this week’s post, we thought that we could share some of our accessories collections that we’ve gathered over the past few weeks.


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The COS necklace is our favourite. It is a simple design, but gives a statement to the outfit. For minimalists like us, these accessories are must haves. The key is to find pieces that are subtle and streamlined enough to wear it everyday, but also visually striking enough to wear on their own.


The hoop earnings and ear cuffs are from ASOS, made of fine metal. They are so simple yet elegant that goes with any outfits. If you have multiple piercings, create your own minimalist party by mix and match your favourite earrings. These hoops are 9mm, which is the perfect size to leave them on even in shower, sleeping, changing etc. They are not bothering at all, and no need to take it off all the time, which is great for lazy people like us haha.


The triangle hair clip is perfect addition to the overall outfit when you make a bun. They also have something similar at H&M, though the clips does not support thick hair.



Have a great week everyone!


Rhapsody Monday

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