Dream On, Dreamer

FINALLY, after Yico coming back from Shanghai, we were able to do our long-awaited smoke grenade ‘project’. But it wasn’t easy to find a good spot without people staring at us like we are weirdos, or somebody accidentally calling cops on us. But Voilà! We found a perfect spot just behind the Sound Museum, where you can have an astonishing view of the Toronto City.




We purchased the smoke-bomb from an online website, Rocket.ca where you can get a mix of colors in different packages. Though it was a little bit pricey, it was definitely an interesting experience.




The most difficult part of this photo-shoot project was being able to capture the best moments without having the smoke smearing all over your face (as you might notice from the first couple of pictures). Hopefully, we will be able to better getting used to using these grenades, and upload even better posts sometime soon!



Dreamy and steamy


Special thanks to Emily and Violet for coming with us all the way downtown, and helping us to figure out how to work things out.

Have a nice week, and thank you for reading!


Rhapsody Monday

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