Czech Republic: In Southern Moravia

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the weather in Toronto lately. But guess where I am right now? Czech Republic (or so called Czechia), a beautiful country located in the center of Central Europe.

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I’m here because of a summer abroad program lead by University of Toronto, to study business strategies in a European context. To be honest, coming to Central Europe was never on my bucket list, but it was definitely worthwhile to choose Czech Republic over other Western European countries, after seeing all the beautiful sceneries in the Southern Moravian cities, including Telč and Brno. Although it’s only been a week since I came here, I still thought I’d share some photos and discoveries I’ve made during my stay.

Telč: The town square in Telč is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and luckily, our residence and classes took place right inside the plaza. After class, we would explore the city by ourselves and find colourful walls to capture the lovely atmosphere of this small town.


Discovery #1: Ice creams here are unbelievably inexpensive. One scoop of ice cream cone usually costs between 12~14 crowns, which is about $0.65CAD.


Discovery #2: People here don’t smile often. Not because they don’t like you, but because they don’t know you well.


Brno: Just about three days ago, our group relocated our accommodations and classes to Brno – the second largest city in Czech Republic. This city is full of students, and I’d say the transportation system is almost as developed as it is in Toronto (and the buses come in much faster pace).

Discovery #3: You will find A LOT of good looking people here on streets. From children to elderly, women to men. They all look like they just came out of the Barbie world, lustrous (at least in my eyes) from head to toe.

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One thing I love about Southern Moravia is its unique architectural design that captures a remnant of communism days in Czechoslovakia. The majority of windows on these colourful buildings don’t have balconies for plants, which is a big difference compared to the Haussmann Buildings in Paris. Many sceneries we saw on the bus also reminded us of the rural regions in China.

Thank you Lulu (@luluxie) for taking some of the pictures, and letting me use them in this post! For the next few weeks, we will be visiting Krakow-Poland, Prague, Budapest-Hungary, and Vienna-Austria, so stay tuned for more pictures (hopefully in film) and thoughts for each city and country.


Have a great week everyone!



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