Chicago: In Film

This week’s blog will be something personal. Last week, my friends and I planned a road trip to Chicago and Champaign, to both sightsee and visit old friends. I decided to leave behind my bulky Nikon camera this time, and brought a disposable camera with me to capture the moments.

Honestly, they are so difficult to use, since you can’t see the pictures until they are processed. Many shots were either underexposed (forgot the use the flash). Thank God that my friend also brought a disposable camera, so I can at least choose some of the best shots from the whole trip. Here are some shots taken, along with my tips of how to have fun while in Chicago, according to me.



We drove 10 hours from Toronto through London, Detroit, to Champaign, stayed there for two days then left for Chicago. Unfortunately, I got hit by a stomach flu for the first time in my life, and I was not able to leave the hotel room for a couple of days.


Chicago, through the bean.



 1. Plan out your stay a week ahead, not like us, two days before. The whole process is much more stressful when you leave it to the last minute, and I really mean it.


2. Save your appetite for the Deep-dish Pizza. We ordered two smalls for four people, but still more than enough after having one slice each.


Taken with Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S

3. ALWAYS BRING EXTRA LONG-SLEEVES. Especially if you’re traveling to Chicago in April. The weather forecast told us that it will be 15~20 degree. But there is a reason that Chicago is called “a city of wind”. The temperature was way lower than we expected, and my sickness kind of got worse by walking around the city.



By the end of the trip, all of us were exhausted. But it also left us with good memories that we can all talk about 4 or 5 years later.

Lastly, I just wan to say thank you to my friends, Takashi, Mayumi and Masa, who took good care of me when I was ill (they brought me back bananas which were my only food that I could eat for 3 days, medicine and also Gatorade), and lots of fun memories.


Hope you guys liked the pictures!



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