Europe Film Diary

Time flew by, and now my trip at Central Europe is ending with a little bit more than a week left. Within the three weeks, I visited three countries including Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland, and the experiences in all these places were definitely unforgettable.

This week’s post will be a little more personal, particularly focusing on the people I’ve met during this trip. Here are some memories captured through a disposable camera, and a 35mm Olympia Accura film camera, without any filters or color adjustment.



Meeting new people is always exciting and pleasant. Getting to know someone through a brand new environment is certainly refreshing, and sharing moments with people who have the same interests (i.e., beer & ice-cream) makes the trip even better. It is also true that friends who travel together form closer friendships. Same ice-cream, or a chocolate cake that you can get anywhere in Toronto, somehow tastes 3x better when shared with others in an unfamiliar country.




Taking pictures of people is definitely one of my favourite things to do. No matter how bad the day was, they always somehow manage to put on smiles for the camera, and whenever I look back to these pictures, it reminds of the cherishable moments I spent with them in Europe.





This trip would not be the same without these people, and thank you for making this experience the best thing ever (and also for being so photogenic).



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