First, let’s quickly start off with an announcement. Rhapsody Monday will be posting twice a month instead of every week from now on! As many of you may know already, Yico and I are living very far apart from each other (she’s on the other side of earth!), and both carrying different lifestyles and routines. It has become difficult to upload new contents that meets our expectations every week, and for that reason, twice a month seemed reasonable for us to manage. But this also means we each will have more time to devote into one post with better contents. Hooray!


Pink has always been my favourite color, and for some of you who know me, my wallet is pink, school binder is pink, and my 3DS is also pink… I happened to stumble upon at this pink wall located on King St. E in Toronto on Internet, and couldn’t help but decide to come here for a photoshoot.


This flower printed dress is an item I bought in Gap Kids. Their size ranges from XS to XXL and XL fits perfect for me. Many items in Gap Kids can be fit as an adult size, and unless you don’t tell your friend where you got it from, nobody can guess they are designed for kids. Plus, most of the times, they’re much cheaper than the adult clothing! Although, I gotta admit, it was pretty embarrassing to ask to try them on while you’re surrounded by kids and parents.


It’s pretty tough to find a bright and cheery place to do a photoshoot in a city with so much marble, concrete and grey. If you find any pastel photo walls around the city, let us know!



→ What I’m wearing ←

Dress: Gap Kids (ASOS Similar)

String Choker:

Shoes: R.E.A.L Shoes from Value Village (ASOS Similar)

Screenshot 2016-09-05 19.53.42IMGP851922Screenshot 2016-09-05 20.00.14

When I fall in love with a place, I often run into problems of knowing how to divide my time fully immersing in the moment and immersing in the moment well enough to capture the essence of it.. Two travel posts (click here and there) that I posted previously was my best attempt of it. Here, another post from Europe, and hope you enjoy it.

On this misty Sunday afternoon after our spa treatment, my friend and I decided to take a walk around town to take some photos. The town Luhacovice, is located in Eastern Moravia, Czech Republic. I instantly fell in love with the colourful houses, quiet and peaceful atmosphere of this town. Although rainy days were never my favourite, but the this place changed my perspective a little.

This bandana was purchased at Urban Outfitters, but I’m sure there are plenty of similar ones at dollar stores near you. The paisley square is no longer being only used as a head-piece, but also simply tying it around the neck will instantly put your outfit together. There’s no wrong ways to wear it, and an infinite number of so right ways, that spotting a new bandana trick can feel like a treat each time.

Every weekend, we had field trips to different cities and countries. We were getting used to living off only one bag-pack filled with clothes, hairdryer, hair products and so on. Fashion pieces like this moss-green romper became essential to my everyday outfit, because of its lightness, and easiness to care for.

Thank you Lulu (@luluxie), the photographer, for taking pictures and being an awesome roommate for five weeks!

Have a great week everyone.



→ What I’m wearing ←

Bandana: Urban Outfitters

Black Sweater: H&M

Romper: H&M (Similar)

Sandals: ASOS

 Screenshot 2016-07-06 14.51.41Screenshot 2016-07-06 14.58.05 Screenshot 2016-05-29 00.29.27Screenshot 2016-07-06 14.55.44

Time flew by, and now my trip at Central Europe is ending with a little bit more than a week left. Within the three weeks, I visited three countries including Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland, and the experiences in all these places were definitely unforgettable.

This week’s post will be a little more personal, particularly focusing on the people I’ve met during this trip. Here are some memories captured through a disposable camera, and a 35mm Olympia Accura film camera, without any filters or color adjustment.



Meeting new people is always exciting and pleasant. Getting to know someone through a brand new environment is certainly refreshing, and sharing moments with people who have the same interests (i.e., beer & ice-cream) makes the trip even better. It is also true that friends who travel together form closer friendships. Same ice-cream, or a chocolate cake that you can get anywhere in Toronto, somehow tastes 3x better when shared with others in an unfamiliar country.




Taking pictures of people is definitely one of my favourite things to do. No matter how bad the day was, they always somehow manage to put on smiles for the camera, and whenever I look back to these pictures, it reminds of the cherishable moments I spent with them in Europe.





This trip would not be the same without these people, and thank you for making this experience the best thing ever (and also for being so photogenic).



I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the weather in Toronto lately. But guess where I am right now? Czech Republic (or so called Czechia), a beautiful country located in the center of Central Europe.

DSC_0192 copy

I’m here because of a summer abroad program lead by University of Toronto, to study business strategies in a European context. To be honest, coming to Central Europe was never on my bucket list, but it was definitely worthwhile to choose Czech Republic over other Western European countries, after seeing all the beautiful sceneries in the Southern Moravian cities, including Telč and Brno. Although it’s only been a week since I came here, I still thought I’d share some photos and discoveries I’ve made during my stay.

Telč: The town square in Telč is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and luckily, our residence and classes took place right inside the plaza. After class, we would explore the city by ourselves and find colourful walls to capture the lovely atmosphere of this small town.


Discovery #1: Ice creams here are unbelievably inexpensive. One scoop of ice cream cone usually costs between 12~14 crowns, which is about $0.65CAD.


Discovery #2: People here don’t smile often. Not because they don’t like you, but because they don’t know you well.


Brno: Just about three days ago, our group relocated our accommodations and classes to Brno – the second largest city in Czech Republic. This city is full of students, and I’d say the transportation system is almost as developed as it is in Toronto (and the buses come in much faster pace).

Discovery #3: You will find A LOT of good looking people here on streets. From children to elderly, women to men. They all look like they just came out of the Barbie world, lustrous (at least in my eyes) from head to toe.

DSC_0763 copy


One thing I love about Southern Moravia is its unique architectural design that captures a remnant of communism days in Czechoslovakia. The majority of windows on these colourful buildings don’t have balconies for plants, which is a big difference compared to the Haussmann Buildings in Paris. Many sceneries we saw on the bus also reminded us of the rural regions in China.

Thank you Lulu (@luluxie) for taking some of the pictures, and letting me use them in this post! For the next few weeks, we will be visiting Krakow-Poland, Prague, Budapest-Hungary, and Vienna-Austria, so stay tuned for more pictures (hopefully in film) and thoughts for each city and country.


Have a great week everyone!



This week’s blog will be something personal. Last week, my friends and I planned a road trip to Chicago and Champaign, to both sightsee and visit old friends. I decided to leave behind my bulky Nikon camera this time, and brought a disposable camera with me to capture the moments.

Honestly, they are so difficult to use, since you can’t see the pictures until they are processed. Many shots were either underexposed (forgot the use the flash). Thank God that my friend also brought a disposable camera, so I can at least choose some of the best shots from the whole trip. Here are some shots taken, along with my tips of how to have fun while in Chicago, according to me.



We drove 10 hours from Toronto through London, Detroit, to Champaign, stayed there for two days then left for Chicago. Unfortunately, I got hit by a stomach flu for the first time in my life, and I was not able to leave the hotel room for a couple of days.


Chicago, through the bean.



 1. Plan out your stay a week ahead, not like us, two days before. The whole process is much more stressful when you leave it to the last minute, and I really mean it.


2. Save your appetite for the Deep-dish Pizza. We ordered two smalls for four people, but still more than enough after having one slice each.


Taken with Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S

3. ALWAYS BRING EXTRA LONG-SLEEVES. Especially if you’re traveling to Chicago in April. The weather forecast told us that it will be 15~20 degree. But there is a reason that Chicago is called “a city of wind”. The temperature was way lower than we expected, and my sickness kind of got worse by walking around the city.



By the end of the trip, all of us were exhausted. But it also left us with good memories that we can all talk about 4 or 5 years later.

Lastly, I just wan to say thank you to my friends, Takashi, Mayumi and Masa, who took good care of me when I was ill (they brought me back bananas which were my only food that I could eat for 3 days, medicine and also Gatorade), and lots of fun memories.


Hope you guys liked the pictures!