Hi, I’m Yico. We thought it would be nice to start off by letting you know more about us. This week, I’ll be introducing myself, and next week, you will get to know Yu better.


Now that you have a better feeling of who I am, I want to show you guys my visit to the Royal Ontario Museum this week.If you guys are thinking of going, it’s free for students on Tuesdays. I decided to take advantage of this discount, as I’m not going to be a student pretty soon (!!!)


This hall has warm tone lighting, creating a gorgeous effect when it reflects off the windows2IMG_7674It was a windy day, so I chose a soft taro-purple knit. It’s a v-neck slouchy fit and hangs off the body really beautifully, looking effortless but still stylish. As the top is a looser fit, I decided to tuck it into a slim pencil skirt to balance my silhouette.It’s a lot warmer than it looks as the fabric is a closely woven knit. The triangular leather bag is from COS( A Swedish brand that under The H&M group, and recently opened their first Canadian store on Bloor St in Toronto). The lines are so simple and minimalistic but the shape is eye-catching. Although it looks small, it still has enough space for my phone, keys, and cardholder.


I like how the skirt has a front slit, as it adds a bit of visual pizzaz.

This area is called the Stair of Wonders, and it is my favourite spot in ROM. You can see different shapes when you look from different angle. I recommend everyone to go check this unique place out. The walls of the Stair of Wonders are a bright white, providing an interesting contrast to the dark steps. It reminds me of a bar of chocolate…..now I’m craving for chocolate, haha.


This gallery features “Treasures from Earth”. The rocks on display match the amethyst colour of my sweater


Lastly, I have to mention my shoes! It’s a spin on the traditional converse, made in collaboration with the designer Jack Purcell. The black curve on the front of the shoe looks like a smiling face 🙂

♦ What I am wearing ♦

Leather Bag: COS

Sweater: Uniqlo (Similar)*

Skirt: Oak Fort (Similar) *

Shoes: Converse Jack Purcell

*My mom shipped them to me from China

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Hello World, we are Rhapsody Monday! We are soo excited that our dream finally came true. This is our first time making a blog together to share with the world what we love, and what we see in this busiest city in Canada, Toronto. We both love fashion, traveling, photography and of course, coffee breaks 🙂 Every Mondays are the days for us to explore the city, and to capture every intriguing moments, so stay tuned! If you love what you see in our blog, please don’t hesitate to comment down below! Enjoy.IMG_73591


The temperature reached -10°c this day, which makes a thick (but super soft and comfortable) cocoon jacket an essential piece of the outfit. And of course, LAYER, LAYER, LAYER. I’m in love with this ASOS turtle neck jumper dress (links down below), with endless possibilities to layer with other fashion pieces.


The lighting here is on point


Processed with VSCOcam with e3 preset


Turtle neck is my all time favourite. I feel like I have bought 5 pieces turtle neck sweater for this winter, and 3 of them are grey. The wool scarf from Acne Studio is long and big enough to keep me warm from the wind and coldness in Toronto. You can see I’m a huge fan in GREY because this colour can go with anything, especially most of my coats are dark colours. To give my outfit a vivid look, a pair of pink cigarette pants helps balance the colour tone. The Stan Smith from Adidas is definitely a must have for everyone. It’s so comfy and the minimal look makes it easy to match any style.


Rhapsody Monday

♦ What we are wearing ♦

→ Yu ←

Jumper Dress: ASOS

Shoes: Zara

→ Yico ←

Scarf: Acne Studio

Shoes: Stan Smith

Cigarette Pants: ASOS (Similar)

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 22.56.57Screenshot 2016-01-24 21.57.40Screenshot 2016-01-23 11.06.04Screenshot 2016-01-24 21.37.43