Finally, it’s here!

The Toronto based creator and fashion icon Dani Roche along with her talented friends, Trevor Wheatley and Cosmo, have created an ultimate selfie station (click the link to watch the video!) at Scarborough Town Centre to celebrate Zara’s grand opening. The fluffy pink wall, odd colorful shapes, the carnival mirrors, and the whole creation, was just everything we’ve been waiting for.


Although we’ve been long-time admirers of Kastor & Pollux‘s work, this installation motivated us even further. They started off as a blog of two, like us, and have attracted so many talented contributors to become the digital and experiences agency they are today. It made us realize, dreams do come true, and as long as you put your heart into what you love, people will follow.

IMG_0585Yico: Mustard is my new favourite colour, I just feel that this top goes perfectly with my purple hair (Yes, I dyed my hair purple recently and love it!). The material is velvet so it’s absolutely soft and comfy. It gives an effortless look as both of the sleeves and collar are a bit wider. I do not usually wear jeans because I have a massive collection of skirts/dresses, but this pair is a must-have! It’s a relaxed fit, and the light wash highlights the uneven cut. This little stylish detail will make a huge difference to rock your outfit. The round hair clip is from H&M, and such a simple accessory definitely elevates the whole look. 

IMG_0586 Yu: Mom-jeans are BACK. And it’s about time. Although I do favour skinny jeans since I’m pretty short and anything baggy makes me look even shorter, I thought I’d change things up a little. These black jeans are now my closet essential, but I’m still on the hunt for a pair of mom-jeans in the perfect shade of blue. The green cropped sweater is thrifted at Value Village, and it was love at first sight ♥ It gives the sporty touch that’s right on trend, but also gives off a street feel.

As of now, we are still searching for our style as Rhapsody Monday (you may see that we’ve evolved a bit from our past posts). But we hope to deliver more and more inspiring posts, so that one day, we can inspire you just like Kastor & Pollux inspired us.


 ♥ What we are wearing ♥

→ Yu ←

Cap: Tommy Hilfiger

Cropped Sweater: Thrifted

Mom-jeans: Topshop

Sneakers: Vans Old Skool

 → Yico ←

Top: Haco Studio

Sneakers: Adidas Original

Uneven Jeans: Urban Outfitters (Similar)

IMG_0570 Screenshot 2016-03-27 22.05.20 Screenshot 2016-03-27 23.21.57 Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.49.25

We are honoured to be a part of the team for this season’s Toronto Men’s Fashion Week! It was definitely an incredible experience, where we got to watch some shows during our shifts and see some beautiful, well-dressed guests and models. 😉

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We brought our cameras to the last day of the fashion week, and we were able to capture some of the atmosphere of this event. We watched three shows this day, including Xian, Caffery Van Horne, and Kenneth Barlis.




Don’t get us wrong; all the shows were amazingly performed, each designer had their own unique style and concept. But what caught our eyes most was the last outfit on the runway of Kenneth Barlis (as you can see in the picture), with the intricate sequin feathered jacket. Its whole show consisted of fun-coloured men’s suits and awesome soundtracks (because who doesn’t like “Uptown Funk”?).

Father of TOM* : Jeff Rustia

Father of TOM* : Jeff Rustia

At the beginning of the Kenneth Barlis’ show, the father of TOM*: Jeff Rustia gave some quick shoutouts to all its event sponsors and also shared a very heart-touching story of his lost son, Kol, who was born with Trisomy 13, a fatal genetic syndrome. He said that the lost of his son was the reason why he was inspired to launch Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, where all its proceeds will be donated to the The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) to improve the condition and lives of children with congenital diseases. We send all our prayer to his lost son, and hope that more people will be aware of the cause and be more motivated to attend TOM*’s shows.



Too bad we are both going away during the summer (which also means more travel photos!), but if you’re interested there is another TOM* happening in the August. The tickets are open to the public (around $20 which is not too expensive), and you get to check out all the good-looking male models + amazing fashion pieces!

But of course, there are other ways to get involved and see the backstage of TOM* by being part of its team. They are always looking for more volunteers about a month before the collection starts, including: events & logistics, food & beverages, dressers, graphic designs and so on.

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Stayed tuned for next week’s Rhapsody Monday, and have a great week everyone! ♥