Welcome back lovelies, and happy 2017!!! I just got back to work from  Chinese lunar new year holiday. Honestly it’s really tough since I need more rest (I believe everyone agrees with me here).  Hmmm, anyways, we need to cheer up and enjoy ourselves. So, why not start your Sunday morining with a fancy brunch?

The store my friend and I visited was called Gracing Story. The name reminds me of “Saving Grace” in Toronto. Both of them are my favourites brunch & coffee places. It’s interesting to notice that they have 3 things in common.  First, long- waiting time for food (imagine waiting over more than 1 hour), so please don’t go if you are hungry hungry! Second, cozy and comfy; Saving Grace is smaller, but it has upstairs and long table. Gracing story has 4 floors and a rooftop! Defiantly pretty chill in the summer time. And last but not least, I love their food, super duper yummy! Especially french toast & avocado sandwich.

Look at the lightenings and how amazing the decorations are. Best for a photo-shooting, and guess what, all pictures were taken by my iPhone.  Can’t wait to share you guys an exicting news: I will return to Canada on Feb 16th, and fly to NYC on Feb 20-23! Which means more stuff coming up, Yu and I will start doing videos about Lookbook and Vlog. Stay Tuned everyone <3

FINALLY, My hair is much longer, gonna try a new colour soon! Happy reading and see you next time:)



Ever heard of the Light Cafe? It’s filled with minimalist decors but also offers you very serious eats. It’s hidden beside the Arctic Bites on Baldwin street, which many of you might have walked pass by without noticing.



The cafe is supposedly be Taiwanese-inspired, but it has a little bit of French twist. Since both of us were a little hungry, we each ordered a lobster sandwich and a smoked salmon salad with Yuzu dressing. They both tasted unexpectedly delicious.



Desserts from the table beside looked delicious, but it was a better idea to save the appetite a little, to prevent my stomach to continue blowing from all the intense ice-cream eating routine.

The coffees were unique and had beautiful presentation, which gives you another reason to come back again in the future for some good Instagram photos. Violet ordered a Cotton Candy Coffee, and Light Cafe Special for myself.


What is the cotton candy for, you ask? You can either eat it as a regular cotton candy, but your coffee will taste better if you leave the cotton candy in the cup and pour the warm coffee in. They both came with compliments of biscuits.



It does get busy after 3pm (not to mention we stayed there for about 2.5 hours), so I definitely recommend to come around noon. Otherwise, there’s less chance of getting the seats beside the plant wall!

Have a great week everyone ♥



This week has been a hectic week for both of us. Getting ready to move out, preparing for flights for the summer, and not to mention, one of us also got a stomach flu, which all lead to a rough start of our summer break. To lighten up the miserable week a lil bit, we would like to share some of the moments and places at Toronto’s Kensington Market when we visited last week.


It was the first day that was actually nice and sunny. We arrived at the market early and walked around for about two hours because there is just too much to see in this area. We first stopped by Toronto popcorn company, and cannot step our foot out of here, as we wanna try every single flavour! They actually produce over 100 flavours of popcorn, and  more than 30 flavours are avialable everyday. We recommend Cheesy BBQ and Salted Carmel, but they do free sampling so you can easily pick your favourite one!


There are so many “one-of-a-kind” gift shops in Kensington area, including Kid Lcarus, a small screen print studio to take a look at some quality handcrafted goodies from all over Canada. The store is full of unique gift wraps, greeting cards, original hand printed items that are perfect for gifts (*tsk tsk, Mother’s Day is coming up soon!).


Another cute gift shop in the area is Blue Banana, which contains extraordinary range of gifts. The place is spacious, with variety of goods on the walls, ceiling, and some stacked on the floor. It is so attempting to grab every single item we see, without even considering who to gift it to first haha! Good Egg, a shop that specializes in gifts that related to food. They have a large collection of books that are dedicated for those food maniacs(include our favourite magazine: Kinfolk!!), but it also has a great selection of gifts for anyone with a home or kitchen. There are also cooking classes and workshops offered, email them and see if there are any spots available.  Why not learn to cook a delicious meal for your hardworking mom for the upcoming Mother’s Day? 🙂


We then stopped by Pancho’s Bakery to grab some delicious churros, and Millie Creperie for some Japanese crepes. They are both great places to quickly stop by for some treats after long day of walking. The crepe comes with ice-cream and strawberry, made fresh on spot. Their crepe cake has two flavours: original and matcha, a must try if you are a big fan of matcha


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.59.48

 Lastly, we ended our day at FIKA Cafe, a small coffee shop right inside the Kensington Market that offers freshly made coffee drinks, fresh juices and ready-to-go sandwiches, to cool off and relax. The most unique part of this coffee shop is its homely, a lil close to the Swedish style interior design. When you walk all the way back to the shop, you will see that the whole wall is covered with opened books (literally!). Both the patio and backyard are open during the warmer seasons, for you to enjoy the hipster looking housings on the Kensington streets.



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