Ever heard of the Light Cafe? It’s filled with minimalist decors but also offers you very serious eats. It’s hidden beside the Arctic Bites on Baldwin street, which many of you might have walked pass by without noticing.



The cafe is supposedly be Taiwanese-inspired, but it has a little bit of French twist. Since both of us were a little hungry, we each ordered a lobster sandwich and a smoked salmon salad with Yuzu dressing. They both tasted unexpectedly delicious.



Desserts from the table beside looked delicious, but it was a better idea to save the appetite a little, to prevent my stomach to continue blowing from all the intense ice-cream eating routine.

The coffees were unique and had beautiful presentation, which gives you another reason to come back again in the future for some good Instagram photos. Violet ordered a Cotton Candy Coffee, and Light Cafe Special for myself.


What is the cotton candy for, you ask? You can either eat it as a regular cotton candy, but your coffee will taste better if you leave the cotton candy in the cup and pour the warm coffee in. They both came with compliments of biscuits.



It does get busy after 3pm (not to mention we stayed there for about 2.5 hours), so I definitely recommend to come around noon. Otherwise, there’s less chance of getting the seats beside the plant wall!

Have a great week everyone ♥



Yayyy, it’s summer time!!! I am beyond excited to welcome summer not only I live in Canada (99% snow), but also my birthday refers to the first day of summer in lunar calendar. Can’t believe I will be turning 22 in a day!! Pretty sad to admit that I am not a child anymore, and there are more responsibilities on my shoulder. However, growing up and being a little girl is not conflict as I still see myself as a naughty teenager, but on the other hand I learned how to control my emotions as an adult to achieve my goals. Forever Young <3

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It’s surprised to know that Shanghai actually rains very often, so make sure bring your umbrella. Sometimes I feel extremely sleepy after lunch break, and I have been craving coffee for so long (not just your ordinary Starbucks). This weekend, I visited a cafe called “A Room”, located in residential area which takes me a bit time to find it. The interior design is kinda Japaneses style, and the place is decorated with massive vintage pieces. I bet you gonna take hundreds of pictures like me because every corner is unique.

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I ordered a Tiramisu and a pot of earl grey,my friend got her carrot cake(with cinnamon) and mango slash. (I just realize that either of us got coffee haha) The food was on average, but the whole place is more than amazing! We had so much fun chilling there and people watching. One last thing to mention is that they only accept cash and their chicken wings look super delicious so I have to order next time!

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Hope you like this, and enjoy your weekend!




Cherry-blossom in Vancouver has already bloomed, while we’re still experiencing a snow storm in Toronto. Our skirts and shorts are still sitting in our closet waiting to be wore out, but those days still seem to be a little long way off. Plus with all the final exams, it feels like forever since the last time we had a lazy Sunday where we can just chat, and have relaxed conversation with friends.

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What is your favourite type cookie?

Though this week, we’d like to share some of the shots taken a couple of weeks ago at Rooster Coffee House (click here for their Instagram feed), located on 568 Jarvis St. To be honest, we are not big fans of studying in coffee shops, filled with crowd noises and distractions. But somehow, the coziness, the antiques and the atmosphere of this place made us feel home. Because of its big front windows, the shop gets tons of natural lights, which seemed to be absent in most of the coffee shops in Toronto.

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We ordered a Matcha Latte, London Fog, a Cappuccino, and a Coconut Cookie, which were all amazingly tasty. Especially the matcha latte, it’s definitely one of the best in the city! The tabletops in the shop are made of marble, which gives a clean, simple taste to the place. It’s been our little trend to have marble (or marble look-a-likes) accessories, and we plan to share some of our favourites on next week’s post.

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If you were ever looking for a perfect place to study, chat with friends, and to grab a nicest, tastiest cup of coffee, we think we found a place for you. There are two other locations that you can find Rooster Coffee House, one on Broadway Ave., the other on King Street East. And almost forgot to mention, only the Jarvis St. location has this cute Hello Goodbye doormat, so be sure to check it out.



Rhapsody Monday






The weather is extremely cold in Toronto these days, while we were thinking the spring has finally came, and winter just gave her last few shouts to us now. As such, nothing is better than a cup of hot coffee, especially in a warm, cozy place.


As part of our adventure, we love to go to variety of coffee places, experiencing different atmospheres and this week, we would like to introduce you our favourite chill spot – the Balzac’s Coffee -.







Balzac’s Coffee is located at Toronto’s Distillery District, and it would be a perfect place for you if you are looking to spend some quite, peaceful time to read or chat with friends. It definitely has a vintage feels to its interior, and it is very spacious inside, you could choose to sit either downstairs or upstairs. We always go upstairs so that it gives a better view for taking pictures.

During the summer time, the patio seatings open up for everyone to take a break from the hot and humid Toronto weather. It is great for “people-watching” (not in a creepy way!), and just to have a Parisian-style cafe experience in the Distillery main square. Balzac’s Coffee will also be offering variety of summer drinks starting …. hopefully soon haha

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They also hold cafes in many other locations across Ontario, so be sure to check it out if there is one near you. And apparently, each of Balzac’s locations are carefully picked for their historic significance and character! Their floor decoration is gorgeous, don’t forget to keep this in mind and you may take a picture with it. See hashtag #Ihavethisthingwithfloors on Instagram to create yours.


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Balzac’s Coffee also offers variety of cakes and cookies, along with their specially roasted coffee. This day, Yico ordered a cup of hot chocolate; and Yu got her Chai Latte. We spent about 1 hour in the cafe to keep us warm, talking about more inspirations for the blog, checking out Instagrams…and we enjoyed it. – Almost forgot to mention – they also have free Wi-Fi! Order a hot drink, have some desserts and enjoy your long, relaxing afternoon.

Comment down below to let us know your favourite coffee shop in Toronto!


We wish everyone had a sweet Valentine’s day <3