Welcome back lovelies, and happy 2017!!! I just got back to work from  Chinese lunar new year holiday. Honestly it’s really tough since I need more rest (I believe everyone agrees with me here).  Hmmm, anyways, we need to cheer up and enjoy ourselves. So, why not start your Sunday morining with a fancy brunch?

The store my friend and I visited was called Gracing Story. The name reminds me of “Saving Grace” in Toronto. Both of them are my favourites brunch & coffee places. It’s interesting to notice that they have 3 things in common.  First, long- waiting time for food (imagine waiting over more than 1 hour), so please don’t go if you are hungry hungry! Second, cozy and comfy; Saving Grace is smaller, but it has upstairs and long table. Gracing story has 4 floors and a rooftop! Defiantly pretty chill in the summer time. And last but not least, I love their food, super duper yummy! Especially french toast & avocado sandwich.

Look at the lightenings and how amazing the decorations are. Best for a photo-shooting, and guess what, all pictures were taken by my iPhone.  Can’t wait to share you guys an exicting news: I will return to Canada on Feb 16th, and fly to NYC on Feb 20-23! Which means more stuff coming up, Yu and I will start doing videos about Lookbook and Vlog. Stay Tuned everyone <3

FINALLY, My hair is much longer, gonna try a new colour soon! Happy reading and see you next time:)



Even during the times, when you think you know all about your city that you live in, there’s always tiny little spots that you may have missed over the years. It could be that one street you always walk by, but never thought of taking an afternoon to fully explore, or a store that you were too busy to stop by.

Peace Collective was definitely one of mine. If my friend from Vancouver didn’t ask to make a visit, I would probably never have gone to. It is located near the (far) west end of Queen Street, just one block away. Not too much traffic during the weekday, but the street was filled with interesting small stores that offer one-of-a-kind, unique clothing, accessories, small gifts, furniture and so on.

Surprisingly enough, the store does not only offer colorful treats but also clothing that resembles the City of Toronto. If you’re a proud Toronto/Canadian citizen and wanting to express the love you have for the city, this is the place to get your gears at. Another interesting fact about this place, is that with every purchase of their collection, $4 will be donated to Breakfast for Learning and feed a hungry child two meals and a healthy snack. Be sure to check out their website for more details about what they do, and their line of collections. You will not be disappointed.

Don’t worry. They are not those tacky sweaters you get from souvenir shops, but rather made simple, minimalistic look that can be worn on any occasion types, from a lazy Mondays to the-king-of-Toronto, Drake’s concerts.

Last but not least, don’t be shy to take a photo in front of this awesome “Home is Toronto” wall, even if you’re not originally from Toronto (like me!). If you’ve lived in Toronto long enough, you will know

Have a nice week, everyone!




Aga Khan Musem has always been on our list of ‘must go to’ place for the past couple months. The simple, minimalist and peaceful atmosphere attracts many tourists every now and then but still manages to keep itself off from the busy roads, to provide an immersive experience for every visitors.

We weren’t able to actually have a tour of the museum at the time of the event, but if you look up online about this place, there are tons of good reviews and people who just loved their visit. And if you’re interested in learning and seeing Islamic art, Iranian art and Muslim Culture around the world, then you should also note this as one of your ‘must-go’ places.



Yico: If you read our blog from last winter you gonna know turtleneck is our favourite! I actually have a fun story to share with you all, particularly this piece. I first bought an exact same one in grey at Aritzia’s boxing day sale, but totally forgot it’s wool, so I just used my washing machine, and espcially put it under hot water … No doubt, it’s shrunk, and became a cropped sweater… How silly I was, so please make sure you either dry-clean any wool clothing, or hand wash it under cold water!!! Since the design is on point, I decided to buy another one, in a new colour though 🙂

Camel is just one of those colors that just refuses to go out of style. No matter what season or occasions you wear it for, it still manages to look relevant, not to mention, supersophisticated. Pairing with a pair of loose fitted wide pants certainly adds a character to the overall outfit, but the bright white color keeps it subtle and minimalistic. 



Yu: As fall settles in, it’s time we sing the praises of the long, chunky turtlenecks. This high-neck staple will not only keep you warm but will also elegantly elongate your neck. A thick sweater just like the one I wore, practically goes with anything! Another two thrifted items in this week’s outfit: leather boots and suede cross-shoulder bag. Don’t underestimate the capacity this little bag can carry. I’ve fitted one disposable camera, one instant-camera, wallet, phone and a hand cream while traveling in the Czech Republic (click for the blog post!), in this tiny-looking thing.



Special thanks to our good friends who helped us with this time’s photo-shoot.

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful week.


Rhapsody Monday

♦ What we are wearing ♦

→ Yico ←

Turtleneck Sweater: Aritzia Wilfred

White Wide Pants: Missguided (Similar)

Hand Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim

→ Yu ←

Turtleneck sweater: Aritzia Wilfred

Knitted Skirt: Forever 21

Bag and Boots: Thrifted

screenshot-2016-11-21-13-18-39screenshot-2016-11-21-13-21-55screenshot-2016-11-22-00-27-56 screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-2-27-54

FINALLY, after Yico coming back from Shanghai, we were able to do our long-awaited smoke grenade ‘project’. But it wasn’t easy to find a good spot without people staring at us like we are weirdos, or somebody accidentally calling cops on us. But Voilà! We found a perfect spot just behind the Sound Museum, where you can have an astonishing view of the Toronto City.




We purchased the smoke-bomb from an online website, Rocket.ca where you can get a mix of colors in different packages. Though it was a little bit pricey, it was definitely an interesting experience.




The most difficult part of this photo-shoot project was being able to capture the best moments without having the smoke smearing all over your face (as you might notice from the first couple of pictures). Hopefully, we will be able to better getting used to using these grenades, and upload even better posts sometime soon!



Dreamy and steamy


Special thanks to Emily and Violet for coming with us all the way downtown, and helping us to figure out how to work things out.

Have a nice week, and thank you for reading!


Rhapsody Monday


It’s been a long summer here in Toronto, and we wanted to soak up even last bits of the sun. There’s a spot in Highland Creek that not many may know of, with a great view of the lake and the Scarborough City and only takes about 15min from the UofT Scarborough Campus. Oh, almost forgot to mention, I came back to Toronto for a week to do my driving test (although I failed, you will see my G2 soon). Finally we reunited after 4 months, and really? It’s been 4 months already?! How fast… Before this trip, I made a to do (eat) list with different themes for our blog. Catching up with blog posts was not easy, but meeting up and chilling with friends for photo shooting was full of fun and laughs 😉



The “secret beach” was hidden behind a hiking trail, and you gotta have a good pair of stable shoes to go down the steep hill. Many youngsters have left behind their BBQ equipment, and empty water bottles but we could not care less – the view was beautiful.


Yico: A glance at our closets, we both found so many strip shirts, so an idea came up in my mind: wear them in different ways! Honestly, strips are so classic, yet will never out of trend. EVERYONE should at least get one piece to play with. You may notice that there are special designs for our cuffs/sleeves. For mine, the bottom part is similar to the formal shirts, and I can roll it up or leave it to add some fun to the overall outfit. Midi skirt is always a perfect match with a beach/ leisure look. It definitely eye-catching, and comfy for a long walk, and this orangish colour is pretty summer! Say YAS to a pair of chic sandals: I would wear them everyday just because they’re super soft & easy.

Yu: Lately, there’s a trend in brining back the 90’s styles, like the choker necklaces and distressed denim. But now it seems that the latest trend to be revived is the layered tank-over-shirt look. Suede is definitely a staple for fall looks, giving the overall outfit a soft and subtle feels.




Rhapsody Monday

♦ What we are wearing ♦

→ Yu ←

Dress: Similar at ASOS

Sandals: ASOS

→ Yico ←

Shoes: H&M

Skirt: Forever 21

Bag: Comme Des Gravons