Brunch With Us

Welcome back lovelies, and happy 2017!!! I just got back to work from  Chinese lunar new year holiday. Honestly it’s really tough since I need more rest (I believe everyone agrees with me here).  Hmmm, anyways, we need to cheer up and enjoy ourselves. So, why not start your Sunday morining with a fancy brunch?

The store my friend and I visited was called Gracing Story. The name reminds me of “Saving Grace” in Toronto. Both of them are my favourites brunch & coffee places. It’s interesting to notice that they have 3 things in common.  First, long- waiting time for food (imagine waiting over more than 1 hour), so please don’t go if you are hungry hungry! Second, cozy and comfy; Saving Grace is smaller, but it has upstairs and long table. Gracing story has 4 floors and a rooftop! Defiantly pretty chill in the summer time. And last but not least, I love their food, super duper yummy! Especially french toast & avocado sandwich.

Look at the lightenings and how amazing the decorations are. Best for a photo-shooting, and guess what, all pictures were taken by my iPhone.  Can’t wait to share you guys an exicting news: I will return to Canada on Feb 16th, and fly to NYC on Feb 20-23! Which means more stuff coming up, Yu and I will start doing videos about Lookbook and Vlog. Stay Tuned everyone <3

FINALLY, My hair is much longer, gonna try a new colour soon! Happy reading and see you next time:)



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