All You Need is A Polaroid

Cameras, Smiles,  Millions of Selfies… that basically describes when girls are together. Of course, it’s me with my girls. No surprises, we took over 1,000 pictures in the past few days including digital, film & polaroid. Once you got so many choices, it’s absolutely hard to make decisions (please forgive us for delaying on updating our posts) on which to choose.

Regardless of the high cost of polaroid films, I personally like the way it looks. Especially the concept of “instant”, which allows me to get an actual photo in less than 3 mins. The size is pretty much the same as credit cards, so it can be easily kept in the wallet, and always brings back memories, isn’t it fun?

We used Fuji mini 7s & Instax wide 210, and you can purchase them from my favorite store: Urban Outfitters! (Or BestBuy, Amazon etc…) However, I have to mention at UO, you won’t take your eyes off the tech accessories. Let’s see what I bought were: 1) A filter lens set that comes in 6 different colors, and are easy to switch out so I can take custom photos that fit your own style:  You can see some of my pictures are “yellowish or blueish”, which gives the 90s/vintage feeling.  So, it’s a must have for those of you who wants to add a touch of creativity to your very own Instax photos. 2) Rainbow Film, 10 colorful sheets that definitely make your photos unique! 3) Instax Patterned photo album, it’s like a book for all your tiny memories! This little guy can hold up to 64 Instax photos and can also display one as the front cover. 4) Fold-up album & frames, are the best tools to show off your fave Instax photos. Complete with a stand so you can place them on any flat surface, makes a perfect gift to your loved ones.

Besides, we would like to share with you 2 tips to shoot a perfect Instax picture. First of all, come closer! Due to the limitation of the photo size, if the shooting distance is short, your picture will be more clear; which means it’s a good idea to shoot half body than a full body picture.  Last but not least, be creative and always give a try.  Only if you’ve tried, you would understand yourself better and gradually start your style 😉


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