This week has been a hectic week for both of us. Getting ready to move out, preparing for flights for the summer, and not to mention, one of us also got a stomach flu, which all lead to a rough start of our summer break. To lighten up the miserable week a lil bit, we would like to share some of the moments and places at Toronto’s Kensington Market when we visited last week.


It was the first day that was actually nice and sunny. We arrived at the market early and walked around for about two hours because there is just too much to see in this area. We first stopped by Toronto popcorn company, and cannot step our foot out of here, as we wanna try every single flavour! They actually produce over 100 flavours of popcorn, and  more than 30 flavours are avialable everyday. We recommend Cheesy BBQ and Salted Carmel, but they do free sampling so you can easily pick your favourite one!


There are so many “one-of-a-kind” gift shops in Kensington area, including Kid Lcarus, a small screen print studio to take a look at some quality handcrafted goodies from all over Canada. The store is full of unique gift wraps, greeting cards, original hand printed items that are perfect for gifts (*tsk tsk, Mother’s Day is coming up soon!).


Another cute gift shop in the area is Blue Banana, which contains extraordinary range of gifts. The place is spacious, with variety of goods on the walls, ceiling, and some stacked on the floor. It is so attempting to grab every single item we see, without even considering who to gift it to first haha! Good Egg, a shop that specializes in gifts that related to food. They have a large collection of books that are dedicated for those food maniacs(include our favourite magazine: Kinfolk!!), but it also has a great selection of gifts for anyone with a home or kitchen. There are also cooking classes and workshops offered, email them and see if there are any spots available.  Why not learn to cook a delicious meal for your hardworking mom for the upcoming Mother’s Day? 🙂


We then stopped by Pancho’s Bakery to grab some delicious churros, and Millie Creperie for some Japanese crepes. They are both great places to quickly stop by for some treats after long day of walking. The crepe comes with ice-cream and strawberry, made fresh on spot. Their crepe cake has two flavours: original and matcha, a must try if you are a big fan of matcha


Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.59.48

 Lastly, we ended our day at FIKA Cafe, a small coffee shop right inside the Kensington Market that offers freshly made coffee drinks, fresh juices and ready-to-go sandwiches, to cool off and relax. The most unique part of this coffee shop is its homely, a lil close to the Swedish style interior design. When you walk all the way back to the shop, you will see that the whole wall is covered with opened books (literally!). Both the patio and backyard are open during the warmer seasons, for you to enjoy the hipster looking housings on the Kensington streets.



Rhapsody Monday

Hello lovelies! In this week’s post, we thought that we could share some of our accessories collections that we’ve gathered over the past few weeks.


IMG_3569  IMG_9973  IMG_2937  IMG_8361

The COS necklace is our favourite. It is a simple design, but gives a statement to the outfit. For minimalists like us, these accessories are must haves. The key is to find pieces that are subtle and streamlined enough to wear it everyday, but also visually striking enough to wear on their own.


The hoop earnings and ear cuffs are from ASOS, made of fine metal. They are so simple yet elegant that goes with any outfits. If you have multiple piercings, create your own minimalist party by mix and match your favourite earrings. These hoops are 9mm, which is the perfect size to leave them on even in shower, sleeping, changing etc. They are not bothering at all, and no need to take it off all the time, which is great for lazy people like us haha.


The triangle hair clip is perfect addition to the overall outfit when you make a bun. They also have something similar at H&M, though the clips does not support thick hair.



Have a great week everyone!


Rhapsody Monday

Screenshot 2016-04-17 22.52.36Screenshot 2016-04-17 22.55.21Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 0.59.31Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 0.54.55

Cherry-blossom in Vancouver has already bloomed, while we’re still experiencing a snow storm in Toronto. Our skirts and shorts are still sitting in our closet waiting to be wore out, but those days still seem to be a little long way off. Plus with all the final exams, it feels like forever since the last time we had a lazy Sunday where we can just chat, and have relaxed conversation with friends.

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What is your favourite type cookie?

Though this week, we’d like to share some of the shots taken a couple of weeks ago at Rooster Coffee House (click here for their Instagram feed), located on 568 Jarvis St. To be honest, we are not big fans of studying in coffee shops, filled with crowd noises and distractions. But somehow, the coziness, the antiques and the atmosphere of this place made us feel home. Because of its big front windows, the shop gets tons of natural lights, which seemed to be absent in most of the coffee shops in Toronto.

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We ordered a Matcha Latte, London Fog, a Cappuccino, and a Coconut Cookie, which were all amazingly tasty. Especially the matcha latte, it’s definitely one of the best in the city! The tabletops in the shop are made of marble, which gives a clean, simple taste to the place. It’s been our little trend to have marble (or marble look-a-likes) accessories, and we plan to share some of our favourites on next week’s post.

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If you were ever looking for a perfect place to study, chat with friends, and to grab a nicest, tastiest cup of coffee, we think we found a place for you. There are two other locations that you can find Rooster Coffee House, one on Broadway Ave., the other on King Street East. And almost forgot to mention, only the Jarvis St. location has this cute Hello Goodbye doormat, so be sure to check it out.



Rhapsody Monday

Yes, it’s the time of the year, again. Bombarded with countless assignments and papers (and final exams in the upcoming weeks!), we thought that it would be a good idea to take a Sunday off and enjoy our time with friends.

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After having a satisfying brunch at Peterpan and a relaxing coffee break at Forget Me Not (which also means more posts coming!), we accidentally stumbled upon the ‘famous’ graffiti ally right by Queen St. West. The whole art community is filled with massive amount of colourful artworks on their garage doors and walls.

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One unique fact about this ally, is that the contribution to the artwork is legal and it constantly changes. It is a free of charge, a killometer long art gallery that you cannot go without bringing a camera! Once you turn a corner, you will be back to the busy street with lots of space for snack, drink or meal.

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Yu: Today, I finally got to wear my Belted Midi-dress from Topshop. A simple design, it comes in finished with soft texturing, featuring a low cut neckline which highlights more femininity to the overall outfit. Also, the deep green color adds a little bit of elegance and tranquil feeling. The weather was still too cold to wear the dress by itself, so I paired it with my thrifted cardigan, and pair of grey tights for some extra warmth. Last but not least, can’t step out the door without my Old Skool Vans! Not only its look, but its the comfortableness of these gems that makes me keep coming back to them when it comes to picking shoes for my outfits.

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Yico: The black swing dress is from Damo Studio, a Chinese brand, includes a group of individual designers that simply follows minimalist style. This piece is classic and very functional as it has big pockets! The half sleeves is just so nice for now because it’s still chill in Toronto, and I like how they decorate the cuffs with those moon-shaped circles. The most exciting part of this dress is that its backless, which makes it more feminine and subtle. To play with it, I matched with a shell brooch to create a strong black and white contrast. Lastly, with a wine cashmere scarf from YSL gives some colours to my overall look.

Processed with VSCO with e8 presetIMG_0232.PNGPhoto credits goes to our amazingly talented (and super fun) friends:Emily (@emy_leexx) & Violet (@violet_ln).

Happy studying everyone! ♥

∝ What we’re wearing ∝

→ Yico ←

Dress: Damo Studio

Cardigan: Oak + Fort

Scarf: Yves Saint Laurent

→ Yu ←

Cardigan: Thrifted

Dress: Topshop (Similar)

Sneakers: Vans Old Skool

Screenshot 2016-03-14 14.14.58 Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 2.06.36 Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 2.14.51Screenshot 2016-04-03 12.18.11